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Our company

Kingstine-Jo Foods Nig Ltd, otherwise known as Kj Foods is one of the foremost quick restaurants in Nigeria with branches spread across the city of Lagos. KJ was incorporated in 1990 as a private company and over time feeds Nigerians, especially Lagosians quality and affordable meals. 

We are your go-to restaurant for your continental and African dishes. We take pride in giving you the natural taste of African meals at a very affordable price in a cool ambient restaurant with good customer service.

Our motto ...We treat you like a king is not just a phrase but a guide to remind us daily why kingstine-Jo Foods was established and as well a phrase to give a hint of what to expect from us.

Our sub-brand includes Kj Bread, Kj Cakes, Kj Ice Cream, and KJ Table Water. 

...We treat you like a king.

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